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This page contains a list of the projects I am actively working on, alongside a description and images of each building. I plan to add

Ordnance Survey Office

This massive 1960s industrial and office complex was used for making maps, from drawing them to printing and storage. It was used until early 2011 but was demolished in 2012 apart from North Block (a four-storey office building )

There’s a special page dedicated to the construction of this building model. Click here.

OSO third floor corridor
Inside the Map Works
Services Block 1967-2011
Services Block 1967-2011
Services Block Feb 2012
Services Block
Services Block
Services Block

OSO Crabwood

A complex of temporary buildings at the NW end of the Romsey Road site that was built in the 1940s/50s. Following completion of the Maybush building, these temporary buildings were demolished apart from Crabwood House itself.

I’m not really actively working on a model of this but have created some of the huts for use in experimental techniques/materials for the main OSO Maybush model. It also gives me the chance to construct features that were not part of the Maybush model such as Critall windows.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year renders

Every year since 2012/13, I have produced a render for my Facebook page, mainly using existing scenes I have made with festive props and 3D text – you can see most of them here.

Older projects

A list of some of the buildings that I have started but am not actively working on.

UK High Street no 2

Based on Marlands House in Southampton and the adjacent shop units of the same design, this is a 1960s retail/office development. The retail units are three storeys high and have full-height glazing to the front elevation. Some of the shops have retail space on the upper floors but others have blanked out the windows and used it for storage/ancillary purposes.

This prestigious development will attract some big-name retailers and is due to open soon.

The office tower, of nine storeys, is inspired by the Lever Building in New York. The offices are currently used by Southampton City Council.

UK High Street 2
UK High Street 2 – Jan 2012

UK High Street 3

This 1950s retail block contains several shops and a bar. It’s four storeys high, with the upper floors being used as offices. The rear of the building is Park House, an office block that is the main entrance to the offices on the upper floors.

No images of this one yet I’m afraid.

UK High Street 13

What happened to UK High Street 4-12? They’re in the early stages of planning but UK High Street 13 is a new addition to my retail portfolio that is under construction.

It contains two large shops, or two small department stores and some smaller shop units as well. It used to be occupied by Marks and Spencer and BHS but M&S moved to new premises in the West Quay shopping centre in 2000. The former M&S was converted into a Primark clothing shop.

The block was built in the late 1950s following extensive damage to the city centre’s main shops in World War II and is typical of the ‘austere’ shops in the lower section of Above Bar Street. It has a main facade of Portland Stone and metal windows that almost evoke Art Deco features.

The real-world shops are on a slight hill, with the rear facade being a storey lower than the front elevation. Primark occupies the entire lower ground floor retail space, below the main store on the ground floor. BHS has a sales floor on the ground floor and first floor, with the latter also containing a popular cafe.

The rear facade of both shops is austere brickwork and the internal courtyard for unloading goods is even less attractive.

UK High Street 13
UK High Street 13 – Jan 2012

UK High Street – ASDA

A typical late 1980s/early 90s Postmodern city centre supermarket. Considerably smaller than its retail park cousins, this is also on a slope, with the service bays and so on being below the sales floor. This is difficult to model so my version has to have warehouse and delivery services on the same level as the sales floor.

ASDA Jan 2012
ASDA’s structural metal framework nearing completion.

ASDA’s main shop shop floor following completion of building works.

Clarence Pier

Whizz bang pop art architecture at its best! This seaside funfair pavilion in Southsea, Hampshire contains an amusement arcade, cafe and kid’s indoor play area. Its landmark tower and striking blue and yellow scheme make this hard to miss and it also has a Googie style folded plate roof and even an groovier hypar shell roof.


Eastleigh Bus Station/Sainsbury’s superstore

A place I’ve spent many hours that will soon be demolished. Originally built for Safeway and opened in the early 1980s, this large town centre supermarket also contains a small multi-storey car park and a bingo hall.

Eastleigh Bus Station Feb 2012
Eastleigh Bus Station 19 Feb 2012

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