OSO 26March2012

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Caption: OSO Maybush model 26 March 2012
Description: OSO Maybush model 26 March 2012
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Image credit: Gary Tull
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OSO 26March2012

OSO Maybush model 26 March 2012

1 thought on “OSO 26March2012

  1. Hi Gary,

    Only just found this and really impressed by your work – photos (ourwiki) and 3D buildings especially.

    I found it via some pages I have been adding about OS as a kind of history of work there and associated events – so I have added some links from the page about the opening of the Maybush site: http://keithjmurray.me.uk/topo/os/basic_course/events.
    I also have a short demolition gallery.

    Give my regards & Best Wishes to Ray.

    Keep it going!


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