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My name is Gary Tull and I’ve created this website to bring together various creative strands into one place and hopefully this will be of interest/inspiration to someone.


Music – I play keyboards for a local ska band – Skamageddon – and before that I played for Orange Street. I frequently deputise for other local ska bands too. I’ve been in the support band for the Selecter and actually played alongside Roddy Radiation of the Specials and played keyboards for Bad Manners on several occasions although I was thrown in at the deep end with very short notice for that!

Before I played ska keyboards myself, I ran the website for 2-Tonic, an amazing band that was formed by various members of the south’s best ska band of ther 90s, Loonee Toons. I dreamed that one day I might be able to play keyboards for a ska band but never dreamed of where this has taken me, it is honestly amazing!

My stage name, Gary Reggae has stuck and was invented by DJ Pete Allen who used to do a disco at the Rising Sun in Shirley (then my local, now known as the Brass Monkey) and I used to ask for ska/reggae then dance to it! I started DJing myself not long after and bought the equipment needed but the sort of DJing I was doing was more like a wedding DJ (ie just playing records) than what most people would consider a DJ to be now. Playing the records is easy but the skill lays in reading the audience!


Although I don’t write as much as I used to, I still enjoy writing above various subjects, most recently documenting my travels. I have high standards with grammar and punctuation and am still occasionally  proofread various text. If you’re in need of a quality proofreading job then let me know and I’ll give you a quote.


I’m a keen traveller and since discovering the wonders of international travel in 2014, my wanderlust is high! I’ve travelled many European countries and also New York; I’m hoping to return to the USA very soon but still have a seemingly-endless list of places I want to discover!

There is a significant backlog in documenting my travel experiences but watch this space and I’ll try and bring them up to date!


I live in Eastleigh, not far from Southampton in the UK and before that lived in Southampton for nearly 15 years so have a keen interest in local history. I have set up and still run a Facebook group on Southampton local history.

I have played an instrumental part in establishing an unofficial website about the history of Ordnance Survey’s former HQ in Maybush. Now the buildings have been demolished then this serves as a historical record as well as a source of nostalgia for some of the thousands of people who worked there between 1968 and 2011.


I’ve been interested in buildings pretty much all my life for some reason…maybe I should have been an architect! I have been creating custom buildings for games such as Sim City 3000 onward since the late 90s – my edgy realistic British tower blocks were a great contrast to the very American style architecture that the game came with by default. Over the years, the modelling tools and the buildings themselves have become considerably more complex but I was invited to two separate groups of high quality modellers for Sim City 4.

My intention was to develop several buildings for the Cities Skylines game but so far, only one has emerged. It’s a slow process! I am using Blender as my main 3D production software – it has a steep learning curve but is totally free and very capable. 


I have made short videos on various subjects, mainly music. Some of these are available on YouTube.

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