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  1. Hi Gary, I have been an OS surveyor in Blackpool since 1984. I like your site. OS official history ends 1973! I want to write a short article about OS digital for field yammer pages. from initial dig to present. I am looking for any photos manauals papers OS mags annual reports etc. I have contacted HR etc. I have started collecting info but it is difficult. Most of the Charles Close society and kew archive is not digitised.

    Can you help the wiki etc?

    Do you think I should make a request on the OS history Facebook? Lots of people who were there and contributed may have stuff in their loft?


    1. Hi Glen, I have just published a new page on this site about DFUS literally a couple of hours ago, which was the first system for digitising the revisions made by surveyors. hopefully that will help although I am not an expert in the subject. I’ve had a look on the Wiki and there isn’t really much relating to digitisation and even less relating to field offices. I can also recommend the excellent book by Elaine and /Tim Owen, which is tucked away on the OS website: it goes up to 1991, which is more recent than the other book you mention that ends in 1973 as this one has illustrations and quite a bit of detail about DFUS and the earlier HQ-based digitising process I created a page about yesterday.
      I have hard copies of Viewpoint staff magazines going back to the late 1990s, which I will have a look at through at some point, but there are hundreds!
      It’s definitely worth asking on the OS retired staff group as there are a lot of people who have worked for OS for decades so should have lots of memories. I post new pages on there and get a lot of comments that I use to improve the accuracy of not just the article but the individual photos.
      I will PM you on Facebook.

      Kind regards,


  2. Hi…I thoroughly enjoyed the camera pictures. I was a camera operator in the early 70s onwards.
    It was a Dainippon ds 24:1, used for graphic reproduction
    How I miss those days!

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